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Students with Disabilities Training / Refresher

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Below is a questionare which is based upon the the Students that have Disabilities Handbook for Drivers & Supervisors
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1. If a Parent or Guardian asks for information about Times or Routes, do you


2. What document MUST be on each bus?


3. If in doubt about what is the correct procedure, what is your first point of call?


4. What is the Waiting Time in the PM if a student is not met at the bus?


5. If a supervisor requires a student to change seats during a run, The following must happen.


6. When are seat belts required to be worn?


7. When may a driver move off after picking up or dropping off Students?


8. After arriving at the School, The driver must:


9. Is a student allowed to walk home from the bus stop on their own


10. Is it permitted for a student to put on their seat belt?


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