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Westernport Roadlines Smart Card

A Westernport ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ is a cashless, modern way to pay for bus travel between Koo Wee Rup and Pakenham


Activate your ‘Smart Card’ ready for use.


Manage your ‘Smart Card’ account.

Top Up*

Check your balance or add prepaid credit.

*Top up money is non-refundable so please only top up with what you expect to use.

Frequently Asked Questions and Information

A ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ is a cashless, modern way to pay for bus travel.

You can use a ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card ‘ on the Westernport Roadlines Bus’s, to and from Koo Wee Rup and Pakenham.
Funds must to be added to your card prior to your travel.

Begin by purchasing a ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card ‘ from our driver.
Activate online and top up with funds for your bus travel.

Please note: One ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ will be issued per family however we do recommend purchasing a second card to use in case the family do not travel together at all times.

A ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ provides a cashless, more efficient service. To modernize services and experiences for the Koo Wee Rup / Pakenham bus service.

A ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ provides a cashless, more efficient service. To modernize services and experiences for the Koo Wee Rup / Pakenham bus service.

Around the world, ‘Smart Cards’ are being used for various transport services.

Cashless payment systems are being implemented more and more. The ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ brings the local area in line with worlds best practice and latest technologies available.

Cards can be obtained from our drivers on the Koo We Rup to Pakenham bus service.

The cost of the Westernport ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ is non refundable.

The ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ is used for Koo Wee Rup to Pakenham Bus Service (and return service)

Your driver will ask you to simply tap the ‘Westernport Smart Card’ before you travel on the designated touch point on the bus. It’s that simple!

The amount deducted will be the fare type selected by the driver for each journey required.

Your ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ is security coded to you only!

Yes. The system charges for each fare type per journey taken.

No. The ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ is issued and registered to one person only. 
If a Westernport Roadlines staff member asks to inspect a photo ID on the bus, it must be produced, or the card is surrendered to the driver.
A person must then re-apply to have the Card returned or purchase another card. The ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ is not transferable.

Once you have purchased the physical Westernport Roadlines Smart Card‘ from one of our drivers, go to www.westernportroadlines.com.au/smartcards.

Then ‘Activate’ (register), then ‘Login’ as per details required.
By doing this it provides you with access to top up at your ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ account, track all transactions

NO, in fact it most cases it is faster. People will not have to wait in a queue whilst a driver works out cash and change.

Let’s be honest – We all like to receive cash, but we have modernised the transport services on Koo Wee Rup to Pakenham bus service to enhance your travel experience – not ours!

Everywhere we now go is encouraging a cashless society. We are simply investing in the technologies that are being used in this fast pace world we all live in. Easy Peasy!

You must contact Westernport Roadlines via email at Info@dineengroup.com.au or ring our head office at (03) 5997 2211 with your details.

Office hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm weekdays.
This will streamline the process on identifying the person allocated to the Smart Card sold (against the card number).

We are not liable for any loss of funds due to lost or stolen ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’.
YOU MUST contact Westernport Roadlines immediately, so we can put a stop on your card.
We can transfer funds onto a replacement ‘Westernport Roadlines Smart Card’ which you are liable for the $5.00 fee.

You have up to 24 hours to report your Smart Card has been lost, stolen or damaged.   

We have an IT support department that will work with Westernport Roadlines. In saying this, we will not leave people stranded because of an IT problem.

For the protection and integrity of our services and staff, anyone that is abusive and/or rude to our agents and/or staff will be told before any action is taken that they must retry contacting us with the decorum that is acceptable for staff to work with. We think this is fair to ask.

For feedback please email Info@dineengroup.com.au
Based on the nature of the feedback being made, we will determine the response and timing.

Please understand that any rude and/or abusive emails will be deleted with no further action taken.
Complaints placed on social media will not be answered or addressed – just deleted. We are here to help and are happy to assist you via the appropriate course.

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